About Us

A pattern is a habit, what you do everyday says a lot about who you are. 'Noble' here does not refer to highest social class, rather it is someone who has a noble character.

I started with paintings and animal art drawings. Animals are very beautiful, a particular species may look similar but every single one of them is different from one another. It is like each one of them have their very own style with different patterned stripes, spots and characteristics. I think it is the same for human beings too because each one of us carry our own personal style, likes and characteristics.

Whether I am creating Art pendant necklace or silver jewellery using metal clay, the idea behind each piece is ’strong yet feminine’. A lot of women I know are strong, independent and open to accept new things, they are able to enjoy life. To me, these values they carry are beautiful and cool, someone who is fun and comfortable to hang out with. I always feel that there is something to learn from them every time we meet. They are the generous and caring kind of people to be around with.

I also love the feeling that the pieces I created mean something meaningful to the person who bought it whether it's for themselves or given as gift to a loved ones because it holds a sentimental value to them. What I do love most is buying a gift for somebody they know, whether he/she is a close friend, sister/brother, a parent or a relative even a colleague. It is a way to let them know he/she exists and is not forgotten. We may not know what that person is going through at that moment, but a special gift will bring them joy, hope and positive energy.

I find life meaningful when what we do is of value to someone.