Ways to look effortlessly cool with these tips

I believe most women encounter these problems, we can take forever to get ready before we leave the house because we have to make sure everything looks good from our hair to our shoes. One hour will become two, and two to three, that explains why some of us are always late. We don’t need a fairy godmother, we just need a simple guide with quick tips so we can leave our house on time!

It is not just the eyebrow or lipstick colour but also whether the jewellery matches the top, top matches the bag or shoes, simply everything from head to toe.

Recently I read an article from Rachel Zoe’s blog <The Zoe Report> - "7 Beauty Mistakes French Women Never Make" written by Stephanie Montes. She offered some amazing tips on how to look flawless all the time like the French women. The secret is actually less about what they do and more about the things they don’t do.

Those are great tips we can take note of which most of us may not notice but they are worth giving a check.

The second article introduces a Paris-base jewelry designer Fascale Monvoisin written by Schanel Bakkouche extracted from “W” magazine. What I like about her designs is that they are inspired by ancient jewellery and vintage pieces.

I noticed not every girl will go for high end premium items every time, some of them has a preference for something unique to go with their everyday wear.

Don’t be mistaken that effortless means no work. Most time is because we have keep the foundation work a habit and do less when the time comes.

• Basic Beauty Care
Keep a daily 3-steps facial wash twice a day with the right cleanser. Remember to do a once a week scrub and moisturise, because scrubbing removes dead skin cells so when we apply make-up, the colour tone looks cleaner and easier to be applied on too.

• Basic Colour Outfit
Less or no complicated prints (own a few pieces not all), wear your colour and keep design simple. I noticed wearing clothes with the right cutting and size could help create a nicer and slimmer body too.

• Basic Jewellery to Accessorise
Less is more. Not necessary to wear all expensive jewellery, do a mix and match. In fact handmade jewellery are very well crafted and unique especially they can bring out your own individual style. With the the basic done, you can do the add-ons bit by bit or keep simple.

These are just some tips I've learned from and applying it. Of course there are more and I prefer a natural, simpler look but everyone is different. Most important thing is to feel good about yourself, and be yourself.

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