"Sugaring" Skin Care from Hokkaido

Some of you may have heard about sugaring wash but it is a first time for me. I got this gift from a friend, "Sucremor" a brand hail from Hokkaido, Japan. For someone who has sensitive skin and prone to breakout if product is not suitable, I am relieved to know the ingredients used are natural and food-grade, also perfect for sensitive skin. Noted it is also good for those with acne and eczema.

I also made a search online to know more about it Sucremor | Our Story

Currently I use this in the morning after my normal facial cleansing. I noticed my skin wasn't dry but has a little bit of shine. The touch gives the oily feel but I understand that this could be the moisturizing effect it mentioned. It isn't too bad so I leave it on and apply a little bit of my other skin care serum on top, lesser than usual. I use the sugar wash alternately in the morning but this is according to my skin condition.

Now I can bring this if I am traveling to the cooler climate where the air is very dry as my normal facial wash is suitable for the humid climate here. Good thing is that they also come in smaller sizes. Maybe those sitting in the office with the air-con temperature similar to the North pole can consider, because the air also makes our skin mildly wrinkled too.

They have an online shop in Singapore, Sucremor but I find the US website much better, as it is easier to navigate.

If I'm not wrong you can also find them in BHG Bugis and Jurong Point Mall.

1) packaging design with beetroot graphic

2) Inside the box: includes a little instruction booklet and a "baby spade"

3) This is 35g, nice size for travel. Need to be clean or will be invaded by ants!

4) Nice with citrus smell. They have other aromas as well.

5) Remember to use the baby spade

6) Can see the texture?

7) You can check out the amount to use in the instruction booklet

8) Yes, looks like sugar!

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