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Pendants and charms are made from precious metal clay. After firing, the sintered clay will become 99.9% pure silver. Every piece is special and unique because they are hand cut, mould and polish manually one step at a time.

I worked with PMC3, though pure silver is softer than other metals it is still tough metal. I do not own a kiln yet as it is very expensive to ship one from overseas so I do the firing over a firing pot on stove and fired them for 1-2hrs. It may cost someone in the US to purchase USD$700+ for a kiln but because there is only one distributor in my country, I have to pay almost SGD$2000 for a kiln to be shipped over and installed. Tentatively I stick to the firing pot, I will consider getting the kiln when the orders increases.

Working with clay can be tricky, we need patience and understanding of the clay like knowing when is the right conditions to set them in the mould. If it is still a little wet and cool, placing it onto the mould will get a messy result, it will also need some cleaning to do as bits of clay might gets stuck onto some tiny details. A bit dry, the clay will crack or the surface not smooth. This will also result in having to do more sanding later. Therefore getting it right is always the best so we have lesser things to fix.


Usually I will use an artist cutter to cut out the shape, but this is too small and it is easier to use a needle tool instead. To clean up the edges I use a wet brush.


The pendants in clay form before firing.


This is how they look after patinated, I will polish the surface and the darker tone will remained at the bottom. This way you can see the details better.


These are available in my shop, either send me a convo or leave a note "Special instructions for seller"  during checkout. They are only sold here and in my etsy shop.


A cool gift specially made for someone. Ship direct to the person or to yourself.

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