Making a silver flower ring

Last spring in Japan.
Took a picture of the cherry flowers that fell on to the ground, still looking fresh and so pretty.

And I thought I like to make a flower ring.


Day 1: Forming the shape.

Using PMC3 for this one. Knead and roll into the desired thickness for the petals.

Two cards thick is good and to form a curl later.

Using shape cutter to create the petals, easier way with consistent result

Arrange and slightly overlap them at the sides, and let dry

Meanwhile continue to make the band and the stone setting to be placed at the centre of the flower, let all dry overnight. I prefer to let the pieces dry overnight instead of using a hairdryer as I can be very sure it is completely dry inside out. Sanding and shaping will be much easier and not prone to breaking.


Day 2: Joining the pieces together

Sand and shape the pieces separately before joining them together. As certain area maybe hard to reach so to sand them separately is much easier. Once its done, join them together with clay again, let dry overnight.

More sanding and shaping

Once everything looks good, next step is firing


Day 3: Polishing Silver

During firing, silver clay is sinter and it will start to shrink, because of this there will be a slight change in the form. After firing, the powder is brushed off with a steel brush to reveal the silver below. For these two items, I added patina for a darker and detail look.

After patina, more brushing and polishing work until I get the desired result. Remember the shape is a little off, I used the end of the wooden handle from the steel brush and gently hammered it back.

Love the results!



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