Making a rabbit pendant using PMC3

Sketch out the shape in a piece of butter paper or tracing paper, cut out the shape with an artist cutter.

Roll out the clay with the thickness you prefer and place the cut out shape on top and cut out the clay following the shape as close to as possible. Do the cutting nicely so you save the time on sanding.

Once you got the clay in the rabbit shape, roll out another piece of clay in different length and thickness using a flat base acrylic piece as a roller so that they are even (I use a namecard holder, get a bigger piece). Do not cut the clay yet, twirl the clay on top of the shape and once you are happy with the design, apply water to it, let it stick to the base and cut.

When the clay is dry, sand the pendant and smooth out the rough and uneven areas after which you can do the pendant holder on top with a thin straw and the eye. It is easier to work step-by-step so it won't get messy.

After firing, polish the piece to shine and add patina if you like. The patina can bring out the details when certain areas are darkened.

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