Made with Love Mother's Day gift

If you are wondering what to get for your mother this year, think handmade? Of course it also depends on whether your mum is someone who loves handmade stuff too. Handmade items are made with love and they are not easily available anywhere else, so they are sort of limited edition.

If you are thinking of getting a unique gift online for your mother, you should start searching now. Overseas shipping may take almost 2-3 weeks to reach you depending on custom clearance. So if you do not want to miss the date, start early.

There are some items from etsy shop where they could help you personalized the gift. You may go to link below for some personalized Mother's Day gift idea. If you are not sure about the seller, check their customer's review first.

Go to etsy

Most handmade items sold on etsy have very nice packaging and they can help you send straight to the receiver's address .

Pinterest have interesting gift ideas too but you will need an account to view more.

Go to Pinterest

If you are still not too sure whether to send to your mum, send to your own address first and buy a really nice wrapping paper.

Since I run an etsy shop I have something for the mothers too. Below are some pictures on how I use different charms to form a new pendant. It looks easy here but if you intend to try this on your own, be very careful on using the types of glue as it may gets your fingers stick to the charm when you are trying to keep them still. Not recommended for children.


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