How to make a simple beaded stretchable bracelet April 13, 2017 15:23

There are many types of bracelets out there but some people may prefer a much easier to wear type, because it's either the hook may be too difficult to catch or the magnetic clasps type tend to fall off when accidentally pulled. Therefore the stretchable elastic string type might be your choice and if you are thinking of making your own and wondering how to finish the ends. Here is an example and it is very easy when you have the right supply and tool.

1) Using crimp bead to fasten the two ends of the strings. You can get this from a jewerly supplier store either online or from a physical shop.

2) This is pretty straight forward, make the length you want and leave some allowance for the finishing. You don't want to make it too short or it will be too difficult to catch.

3) Take both ends of the string and go through a crimp bead, firmly settle it at the base of the two ends.

4) Use a flat nose plier, flattened the crimp bead tightly, make sure it doesn't slide out of the strings.

5) When the crimp bead is firmly attached, cut the extra strings off.

6) You can add on a charm.


When working, I like to tape one end of the string to a table and work on the rest with a ruler. This way I can easily work on the colours spacing too.

There are other colour crimp beads you can choose to work on your bracelet too.