Drawing inspiration from Art Deco

The style may look familiar to you but unsure what it is call. They can be seen in interior, fashion and jewellery. If you are a fan, you will instantly recognised them. This is a very simple and short introduction to Art Deco.

Art Deco is a design movement in modern art from 1925 - 1940s. It is a very short period but the fashion, decorative arts, interior and the architecture of that time has influenced many. If you have watched "The Great Gatsby" movie, you would have some idea of the mood and style of that era.

Here is a flashback to the magnificent architecture "15 examples of Art Deco design around the globe"

You have seen the architecture, you will see how it was also applied across to interiors, jewellery, graphic designs and etc.

Designs and style

Pinterest is a great place to view the beautiful works featuring Art Deco style. If you are looking for some inspiration to design your room or kitchen, wedding rings, or a theme for your party. You can find lots of inspiration from there and use some for your mood board.



Good to know

Do not confuse Art Deco with Art Nouveau. Here is a more detail write up on the movement from "The Art Story: Modern Art Insight", a short synopsis about how it was manifested. If you are interested you can also check out other art movements and style.

Art Deco in jewellery

There are beautiful art deco inspired jewellery where you can find online too. Some are new designs and some feature vintage pieces new collectors may be interested to know. Below is a list to the shop links.

  1. Lang
  2. Butler & Wilson
  3. The Three Graces


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