"Sugaring" Skin Care from Hokkaido April 27, 2017 16:05

Some of you may have heard about sugaring wash but it is a first time for me. I got this gift from a friend, "Sucremor" a brand hail from Hokkaido, Japan. For someone who has sensitive skin and prone to breakout if product is not suitable, I am relieved to know the ingredients used are natural and food-grade, also perfect for sensitive skin. Noted it is also good for those with acne and eczema.

I also made a search online to know more about it Sucremor | Our Story

Currently I use this in the morning after my normal facial cleansing. I noticed my skin wasn't dry but has a little bit of shine. The touch gives the oily feel but I understand that this could be the moisturizing effect it mentioned. It isn't too bad so I leave it on and apply a little bit of my other skin care serum on top, lesser than usual. I use the sugar wash alternately in the morning but this is according to my skin condition.

Now I can bring this if I am traveling to the cooler climate where the air is very dry as my normal facial wash is suitable for the humid climate here. Good thing is that they also come in smaller sizes. Maybe those sitting in the office with the air-con temperature similar to the North pole can consider, because the air also makes our skin mildly wrinkled too.

They have an online shop in Singapore, Sucremor but I find the US website much better, as it is easier to navigate.

If I'm not wrong you can also find them in BHG Bugis and Jurong Point Mall.

1) packaging design with beetroot graphic

2) Inside the box: includes a little instruction booklet and a "baby spade"

3) This is 35g, nice size for travel. Need to be clean or will be invaded by ants!

4) Nice with citrus smell. They have other aromas as well.

5) Remember to use the baby spade

6) Can see the texture?

7) You can check out the amount to use in the instruction booklet 8) Yes, looks like sugar!

How to make a simple beaded stretchable bracelet April 13, 2017 15:23

There are many types of bracelets out there but some people may prefer a much easier to wear type, because it's either the hook may be too difficult to catch or the magnetic clasps type tend to fall off when accidentally pulled. Therefore the stretchable elastic string type might be your choice and if you are thinking of making your own and wondering how to finish the ends. Here is an example and it is very easy when you have the right supply and tool.

1) Using crimp bead to fasten the two ends of the strings. You can get this from a jewerly supplier store either online or from a physical shop.

2) This is pretty straight forward, make the length you want and leave some allowance for the finishing. You don't want to make it too short or it will be too difficult to catch.

3) Take both ends of the string and go through a crimp bead, firmly settle it at the base of the two ends.

4) Use a flat nose plier, flattened the crimp bead tightly, make sure it doesn't slide out of the strings.

5) When the crimp bead is firmly attached, cut the extra strings off.

6) You can add on a charm.


When working, I like to tape one end of the string to a table and work on the rest with a ruler. This way I can easily work on the colours spacing too.

There are other colour crimp beads you can choose to work on your bracelet too.

Ways to look effortlessly cool with these tips April 07, 2017 14:12

I believe most women encounter these problems, we can take forever to get ready before we leave the house because we have to make sure everything looks good from our hair to our shoes. One hour will become two, and two to three, that explains why some of us are always late. We don’t need a fairy godmother, we just need a simple guide with quick tips so we can leave our house on time!

It is not just the eyebrow or lipstick colour but also whether the jewellery matches the top, top matches the bag or shoes, simply everything from head to toe.

Recently I read an article from Rachel Zoe’s blog <The Zoe Report> - "7 Beauty Mistakes French Women Never Make" written by Stephanie Montes. She offered some amazing tips on how to look flawless all the time like the French women. The secret is actually less about what they do and more about the things they don’t do.

Those are great tips we can take note of which most of us may not notice but they are worth giving a check.

The second article introduces a Paris-base jewelry designer Fascale Monvoisin written by Schanel Bakkouche extracted from “W” magazine. What I like about her designs is that they are inspired by ancient jewellery and vintage pieces.

I noticed not every girl will go for high end premium items every time, some of them has a preference for something unique to go with their everyday wear.

Don’t be mistaken that effortless means no work. Most time is because we have keep the foundation work a habit and do less when the time comes.

• Basic Beauty Care
Keep a daily 3-steps facial wash twice a day with the right cleanser. Remember to do a once a week scrub and moisturise, because scrubbing removes dead skin cells so when we apply make-up, the colour tone looks cleaner and easier to be applied on too.

• Basic Colour Outfit
Less or no complicated prints (own a few pieces not all), wear your colour and keep design simple. I noticed wearing clothes with the right cutting and size could help create a nicer and slimmer body too.

• Basic Jewellery to Accessorise
Less is more. Not necessary to wear all expensive jewellery, do a mix and match. In fact handmade jewellery are very well crafted and unique especially they can bring out your own individual style. With the the basic done, you can do the add-ons bit by bit or keep simple.

These are just some tips I've learned from and applying it. Of course there are more and I prefer a natural, simpler look but everyone is different. Most important thing is to feel good about yourself, and be yourself.

Drawing inspiration from Art Deco April 05, 2017 21:13

The style may look familiar to you but unsure what it is call. They can be seen in interior, fashion and jewellery. If you are a fan, you will instantly recognised them. This is a very simple and short introduction to Art Deco.

Art Deco is a design movement in modern art from 1925 - 1940s. It is a very short period but the fashion, decorative arts, interior and the architecture of that time has influenced many. If you have watched "The Great Gatsby" movie, you would have some idea of the mood and style of that era.

Here is a flashback to the magnificent architecture "15 examples of Art Deco design around the globe"

You have seen the architecture, you will see how it was also applied across to interiors, jewellery, graphic designs and etc.

Designs and style

Pinterest is a great place to view the beautiful works featuring Art Deco style. If you are looking for some inspiration to design your room or kitchen, wedding rings, or a theme for your party. You can find lots of inspiration from there and use some for your mood board.



Good to know

Do not confuse Art Deco with Art Nouveau. Here is a more detail write up on the movement from "The Art Story: Modern Art Insight", a short synopsis about how it was manifested. If you are interested you can also check out other art movements and style.

Art Deco in jewellery

There are beautiful art deco inspired jewellery where you can find online too. Some are new designs and some feature vintage pieces new collectors may be interested to know. Below is a list to the shop links.

  1. Lang
  2. Butler & Wilson
  3. The Three Graces


Made with Love Mother's Day gift April 01, 2017 21:12

If you are wondering what to get for your mother this year, think handmade? Of course it also depends on whether your mum is someone who loves handmade stuff too. Handmade items are made with love and they are not easily available anywhere else, so they are sort of limited edition.

If you are thinking of getting a unique gift online for your mother, you should start searching now. Overseas shipping may take almost 2-3 weeks to reach you depending on custom clearance. So if you do not want to miss the date, start early.

There are some items from etsy shop where they could help you personalized the gift. You may go to link below for some personalized Mother's Day gift idea. If you are not sure about the seller, check their customer's review first.

Go to etsy

Most handmade items sold on etsy have very nice packaging and they can help you send straight to the receiver's address .

Pinterest have interesting gift ideas too but you will need an account to view more.

Go to Pinterest

If you are still not too sure whether to send to your mum, send to your own address first and buy a really nice wrapping paper.

Since I run an etsy shop I have something for the mothers too. Below are some pictures on how I use different charms to form a new pendant. It looks easy here but if you intend to try this on your own, be very careful on using the types of glue as it may gets your fingers stick to the charm when you are trying to keep them still. Not recommended for children.

Owl pendant from original drawing March 18, 2017 16:36

My pencil drawing of the owl.

These are the cutouts in different sizes to fit into the pendant base.

A few of the finished works below you can find in my etsy store:

(click on image to go to site)


Animal Art Print Pendants March 15, 2017 16:18

These are only some of the animal art drawings that I have done that are made into pendant necklaces or rings. I have sold quite a number of these for the pass few years, they are available in my etsy shop. Pendants come in limited stock and are not mass produced.

Making a rabbit pendant using PMC3 March 15, 2017 15:16

Sketch out the shape in a piece of butter paper or tracing paper, cut out the shape with an artist cutter.

Roll out the clay with the thickness you prefer and place the cut out shape on top and cut out the clay following the shape as close to as possible. Do the cutting nicely so you save the time on sanding.

Once you got the clay in the rabbit shape, roll out another piece of clay in different length and thickness using a flat base acrylic piece as a roller so that they are even (I use a namecard holder, get a bigger piece). Do not cut the clay yet, twirl the clay on top of the shape and once you are happy with the design, apply water to it, let it stick to the base and cut.

When the clay is dry, sand the pendant and smooth out the rough and uneven areas after which you can do the pendant holder on top with a thin straw and the eye. It is easier to work step-by-step so it won't get messy.

After firing, polish the piece to shine and add patina if you like. The patina can bring out the details when certain areas are darkened.

Making a pair of ballet shoe pointe and a unicorn pendant using PMC3 March 15, 2017 13:24

The tools I used for etching the lines. The carving pen looks like a mechanical pencil, I use it to define the lines and sometimes for sanding hard to reach tiny areas. If you are interested to get one, you can find it at Tokyu Hands when you are in Japan or check out your local Tokyu Hands store.

It is always fun to do the sketches but most time the actual finished product will look slightly different. I do struggle with the decisions every time but eventually I will settle with "simple is better".


Making a wolf design pendant with precious metal clay March 14, 2017 14:00

Once I have the lines on the clay, I cut out the shape with an artist cutter.

Once the clay is dry, I use a sharp tool to etch out the details.

After firing for 2 hrs, leave it to cool down before polishing

Making animal pendants with PMC3 January 21, 2017 20:30

1) After getting the drawing and design on the clay, cut to shape. Wait for the piece to dry, after which you can start shaping & etching the details followed by some sanding to smooth the surface on both sides and those sharp pointy edges.


2) Ready to fire in the pot for 2hrs after sanding.


3) Looking good after firing. More sanding and brushing to do.


4) Adding patina to reveal the details more clearly.


5) Comparing with my previous design. Left or Right?


6) Love the end products, they are available for purchase here

Making a silver flower ring January 12, 2017 20:27

Last spring in Japan.
Took a picture of the cherry flowers that fell on to the ground, still looking fresh and so pretty.

And I thought I like to make a flower ring.


Day 1: Forming the shape.

Using PMC3 for this one. Knead and roll into the desired thickness for the petals.

Two cards thick is good and to form a curl later.

Using shape cutter to create the petals, easier way with consistent result

Arrange and slightly overlap them at the sides, and let dry

Meanwhile continue to make the band and the stone setting to be placed at the centre of the flower, let all dry overnight. I prefer to let the pieces dry overnight instead of using a hairdryer as I can be very sure it is completely dry inside out. Sanding and shaping will be much easier and not prone to breaking.


Day 2: Joining the pieces together

Sand and shape the pieces separately before joining them together. As certain area maybe hard to reach so to sand them separately is much easier. Once its done, join them together with clay again, let dry overnight.

More sanding and shaping

Once everything looks good, next step is firing


Day 3: Polishing Silver

During firing, silver clay is sinter and it will start to shrink, because of this there will be a slight change in the form. After firing, the powder is brushed off with a steel brush to reveal the silver below. For these two items, I added patina for a darker and detail look.

After patina, more brushing and polishing work until I get the desired result. Remember the shape is a little off, I used the end of the wooden handle from the steel brush and gently hammered it back.

Love the results!